Omega 26.5T2 PC, Shock protection w. reg. arm

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  • OMEGA original parts in very good condition.
  • Fits cal: 26,5 T2 PC, 26,5 T3 PC


  • 26.5 SOB:                          Compensation balance.
  • 26.5 SOB T1:                     Compensation balance, minor mod.
  • 26.5 SOB T2:                     Compensation balance, minor mod.
  • 26.5SOB PCT2:                 Compensation balance, minor mod.
  • 26.5T2PC:                         Compensation balance, shock protection.
  • 26.5T3:                              Mono metallic balance, minor mod.
  • 26.5T3PC:                         Mono metallic balance, shock protection, minor mod.
  • 26.5T3PCT1: = cal: 100:    Mono metallic balance, antimagnetic, incabloc.

About our used parts!

All our used parts are cleaned and thoroughly checked by a watchmaker, often they comes from a working movement. Minor imperfections may occur, but nothing that affects the function.