OMEGA cal: 26.5SOB - 26.5T3PCT1

The Omega cal: 26.5 total production was 391.000 pcs between 1929 and 1949 in the Tissot, Le Locle factory due to the SSIH (Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère) cooperation with Omega. The Omega cal: 26.5 shares some parts with Tissot's cal: 27



  • 26.5 SOB:                          Compensation balance.
  • 26.5 SOB T1:                     Compensation balance, minor mod.
  • 26.5 SOB T2:                     Compensation balance, minor mod.
  • 26.5SOB PCT2:                 Compensation balance, minor mod.
  • 26.5T2PC:                         Compensation baSociété Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogèrelance, shock protection.
  • 26.5T3:                              Mono metallic balance, minor mod.
  • 26.5T3PC:                         Mono metallic balance, shock protection, minor mod.
  • 26.5T3PCT1: = cal: 100:    Mono metallic balance, antimagnetic, incabloc.