Longines 13.33Z Singe pusher

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  • Serial no: 2 964 614 (aprox: 1918).

Technical data Longines 13.33Z

  • 18 jewels manual wind chronograph. 60 s, 30 min jumping counter.
  • Size: 13''' 29.0 mm.
  • H := 6.00 mm.
  • N: = 18.000 A/h.
  • Power reserve:

Launched in 1913 and Longins first wristwatch chronograph movement and if not the first, one of the first wristwatch chronographs made.

As always with Longines vintage chronographs the quality is fantastic. The earliest 13.33Z have a setting pin, soon replaced to the standard stem wind/setting. Early examples also have a fully centered coupling clutch which was abandoned in later production. All 13.33Z have the fantastic jumping minute counter, which I belive is only too be seen in this movement. The minute counter is driven by an arm in connection with an excenter on the chrono runner which "jumps" the minute counter exactly at 60s, see pictures. The 13.33Z was replaced in 1936 by the 13ZN, late examples of 13.33Z sometimes have the fly-back function.