Lemania S27 T1

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Base caliber of the famous Lemania CH 27 - Omega 320/321. Production started in the early -40s with caliber S27, a full plate movement with combined barrel and train wheel bridge. The later S27 T1 with separated barrel and train wheel bridge, new winding stem, click, sweep second friction spring and screws. All S27 movements seems to be equipped with Incabloc shock protection.

Example movement 1: Lemania S27 T1, No: 48562

  • Gold filled text.

  • No hairspring catch device.

  • Text on the barrel bridge: unadjusted.

  • Different finish on the dial side.

Example movement 2: Lemania S27 T1, No: 229090

  • Black filled text.

  • Hairspring catch device.

  • No text, unadjusted, on the barrel bridge.

  • Rose polished face side.

Technical data: Lemania cal: S27 T1

  • 17 jewels, manual wind, sweep second.

  • S: = 12''' 27.0 mm.

  • H: = 4.90 mm.

  • N: = 18.000 A/h.

  • Power reserve: 41 h.

Versions, all with Breguet hairspring:

  • S27: base caliber, sweep second.

  • S27 T1: separate barrel and train wheel bridge.

  • CH27: 1944, chronograph.

  • CH27 c 12: 1944, chronograph, 12 h counter.

  • DS27: 1950, date.