Jaeger le Coultre 882-721, Balance, complete

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  • Jaeger le Coultre original balance, complete in very good used condition.
  • For Spirotor regulator.
  • N = 19.800 A/h.
  • Fits cal: K882, K883, K885

Versions with fixed stud carrier:

  • K880: 17 jewels, automatic.
  • K880: 17 jewels, automatic, date.
  • K880G: 23 jewels, automatic, chronometre (Geomatic).
  • K880S: 23 jewels, stop second, automatic.
  • K880S: 23 jewels, stop second, automatic, date.

Versions with movable stud carrier:

  • K880G: 23 jewels, automatic. chronometre (Geomatic).
  • K880G: 23 jewels, automatic, date, chronometre (Geomatic).
  • K881S: 23 jewels, automatic, date, stop second.

Versions with Spirotor regulator:

  • K882: 17 jewels, automatic.
  • K883: 17 jewels, automatic, date.
  • K883G: 23 jewels, automatic, date, chronometre (Geomatic).
  • K885: 17 jewels, manual wind.

About our used parts!

All our used parts are cleaned and thoroughly checked by a watchmaker, often they comes from a working movement. Minor imperfections may occur, but nothing that affects the function.