Rolex 3035-5001P, How to reapair a worn intermediate crown wheel seating

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A common problem in the 30XX calibers is the worn out intermediate crown wheel seating. The winding gets rough and the wear increases rapidly. However, its quite easy to fix with the BellParts 5001P.

You need:

  • A Seitz or equal tool for jewel fitting.
  • The BellParts 3035-5001P tapped foot.

1. Use a 0.95 mm die in the pressing tool.

2. Press out the old seating from the lower side of the barrel bridge.

3. Use a 0.99 mm broach to enlarge the hole in the batrrel bridge.

4, 5. Gently press down the 5001P from the upper side of the barrel bridge, the "fat" part of the 5001P shall point down. Use the micrometric adjustment to get the correct heigth.

6. Check the heigth with the intermediate crown wheel, done!


  •  SWISS MADE Rolex generic part, comes in BP packaging.
  • Fits cal: 3000, 3035, 3055, 3075, 3085
  • Not Available for Sale in Japan!